Woon Tien Wei is an artist and curator who works and lives in Singapore. He studied at Goldsmith’s College, London. He completed his Doctoral of Creative Arts at Curtin University (2012) where he researched about artistic strategies in Singapore’s Renaissance.


He was the President of The Artists Village (2001), co-director and founder of The Danger Museum (since 1998), a founding member of a net art collective tsunamii.net (2001),a co-founder of a curatorial collective p-10 (2002-2008) and co-founder of the cultural and social collective Post-Museum (since 2007). His practice can be seen as collaborations between himself and other individuals/organisations/collectives. His exhibitions and projects include Errata: Page 71, Plate 47. Image caption. Change Year: 1950 to Year: 1959; Reported September 2004 by Koh Nguang How (2004-5), Documenta 11, Kassel, Germany (2002), SOFT, InIVA (2002), Post-Ulu, Substation, Singapore (2000), Dream Plan Project, Kwanhoon Gallery Seoul, Korea (1999).

Biography: cv


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