Extreme Picnic


Post-Museum @ Singapore Arts Week | Singapore | 22 January 2016 | 7pm |  Gillman Barracks


In line with Singapore Arts Club’s goal to encourage visitors to enjoy Gillman Barrack’s lush greens, Post-Museum has created a twist on the traditional picnic to be held on the evening of 22nd January 2016.


Taking advantage of Gillman’s vast open areas, Post-Museum will be providing each participating group of three to five people a picnic set which serves as a “prop” for the Extreme Picnic. Each set comprises a limited edition picnic basket, a mat, an instructional booklet, and a selection of well-loved food and drink items from the Food #03 menu. The completion of the Extreme Picnic involves choosing a picnic spot, partaking in the food and drinks, and conducting a conversation as outlined in the instructional booklet.


Extreme Picnic is a development from Post-Museum’s interest in issues of community, space and land contestation. The project is a mash-up of Extreme Sports and picnics.


Picnic Baskets for Sale

A limited number of 30 baskets will be available for purchase before and on the event day.

Save by reserving your basket before 22 January 2016.



Throughout Gillman Barracks

Pickup Point: Yeo Workshop, Block 1

Pickup Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm

Image by Singapore Arts Club

Image by Singapore Arts Club




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