untitled (my time with folks of AMK)

Woon Tien Wei untitled (my time with folks of AMK) 2015 Digital Print Advertisements

Jakarta Really Really Free Market

Presented at Jakarta Biennale 2015, the project by the independent cultural and social space,┬áPost-Museum, is an experiment of how the setting up of a ‘really free market zone’ will be interpreted by the community in Jakarta. http://jakartabiennale.net/en/  

Haikou (Mouth of the Sea)

Woon Tien Wei, Lee Sze-Chin, Lim Kok Boon Haikou (Mouth of the Sea) 2008 Film, 28mins This film is set in a devastated city of Hai Kou, the capital of Hainan Island in China in the aftermath of World War III. A few surviving humans use time travel in the hope to send someone back … Continue reading