That Time, That Place

Helped Your Mother Gallery put together (curate) a show for their ‘revival show’. Quite glad to see these works together for the first time. Thank you Ziwei Chen, Eve Tan and Akai Chew for sharing your works with us! Advertisements

介形–造影 Meta-graphy

If you are in Taipei, Post-Museum will be showing a work from the Bukit Brown Index in the Meta-graphy exhibition. From 9th Dec 2017 to 13 Jan 2018. Thank you, Ulrich Lau for curating this show.   覓空間雨棚計畫2017 2017.12.9 – 2018.1.13 《介形–造影》META-GRAPHY ****開幕藝術家導覽 12.9(六), 15:30 pm*** META-GRAPHY 介形 – 造影 Meta- [結合形式] —— 位置或條件的改變 -graphy … Continue reading


Post-Museum will be presenting a work from Bukit Brown Index at META-GRAPHY Exhibition Period – 11 to 26 November 2017 Part of the ongoing TRACE series featuring Singapore image-makers. meta- [comb. form] – a change of position or condition; -graphy [comb. form] – a technique of producing images. META-GRAPHY is a photographic exhibition curated by … Continue reading

Rehearsal 2017

Rehearsal by Post-Museum, part of CITIES FOR PEOPLE NTU CCA Ideas Fest 2016/17 2 days and 2 nights urban camping Rehearsal is a social experiment stemming from the urge to incite and foster public discussions in Singapore, addressing the city and how to organise collectively. Spaces for different groups to come together are lacking and … Continue reading

SURVEY: Space, Sharing, Haunting | 1 to 30 Sept 2016

        Survey is on from 1-30 Sep, daily (except on Hari Raya Haji) from 12 – 9pm (Sun-Thu), 12pm – 12am (Fri+Sat). Post-Museum presents Survey: Space, Sharing, Haunting, a series of programmes examining and reflecting upon the state of arts and culture in Singapore. Post-Museum will re-configure the space in The … Continue reading

Discussing the film Moest Valjas (Out of Fashion)

Friday, 14 Oct 2016 at 8 pm. Woon Tien Wei will be present to discuss the film, Moest Valjas (Out of Fashion) at The Agora. Part of the 4th annual Freedom Film Festival with KOMAS (Malaysia) at The Projector on 19 and 20 Nov 2016 hosted by Function 8.  

Bukit Brown Index #101: 24 Brownies at Their Chosen Spots in Bukit Brown (Triptych)

Bukit Brown Index #101: 24 Brownies at Their Chosen Spots in Bukit Brown (Triptych) Cut-and-pasted photographs mounted on board, 3 frames Side frames 210cm x 30cm, centre frame 158.5cm x 30cm 2014 Courtesy of Post-Museum In 2013, Post-Museum began taking portraits of the “Brownies”, people who were involved in various initiatives to promote and save … Continue reading

Extreme Picnic

EXTREME PICNIC  Post-Museum @ Singapore Arts Week | Singapore | 22 January 2016 | 7pm |  Gillman Barracks   In line with Singapore Arts Club’s goal to encourage visitors to enjoy Gillman Barrack’s lush greens, Post-Museum has created a twist on the traditional picnic to be held on the evening of 22nd January 2016.   … Continue reading


Woon Tien Wei @ BICARA TITIAN BUDAYA Forum on Engaging Singapore-Malaysia Artistic & Cultural Communities Kuala Lumpur  – Saturday, 12 December 2015 | 9:30am-5:00pm| Black Box, Publika Bicara Titian Budaya features a stellar line up of Singapore and Malaysia cultural leaders from the two countries who will delve into panel discussions to deepen the knowledge and understanding of … Continue reading

Post-Museum at Transactions in the Field

Post-Museum joins the Heritage Preservation presentation segment of Transactions in the Field. Kuala Lumpur  – Monday, 23 November 2015 | 11:00am – 3:00pm| Kampung Banda Dalam Heritage Preservation:  Modes of belonging through storytelling, memory, dis/ability and usage of media Contributors: Post-Museum Singapore, Lee Cheah Ni, Bhumin Dhanaketpisarn, Okui Lala, Chen Guan-Jhang, Lawai Ului Jok, Lim Paik Yin, Rika Aki, Alice Ko For More … Continue reading